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At Green Side Up we believe in protecting your investment! To help you make an educated decision, we have compiled some information on different material types for you to read, see bottom of page.

Once informed with this non-biased information, and you've used the Deck Calculator to receive an instant and hassle free estimate, please contact us so we can set up a phone consultation to answer questions. At this point we will determine whether you require and technical permit drawing.

The next step would be to schedule onsite consultation to take accurate measurements so we can provide you with an official estimate. After reviewing our official estimate and you've made your decision to have Green Side Up Contracting build your deck, one of our very talented Red Seal Carpenters will be very happy to build you an excellent quality deck, which is backed up by a FIVE YEAR WARRANTY.


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Three questions are often asked by our customers

1. Is there such a thing as a maintenance free deck?

The synthetic’s promise of a maintenance-free material seemed like the magic formula that came to solve all the troubles of the common wood species for decking. Unfortunately, this isn’t the truth. Composite decking has shown that it needs care. Cleaning must be done yearly with special cleaning agents to advert growth of any detrimental agents. This has to be done as soon as anything appears, which can be bi-monthly to every quarter of the year. Perhaps the biggest problem is the fading of these synthetics over time. Unlike wood, once faded, these plastic materials won’t come back to their original color. The promise of a maintenance-free deck is hopeful at best, and deceitful at worst.

The wonderful thing about our decking is that it maintains its structural integrity as the decades' pass. This means there’s none of the cracking, splintering and or deterioration that is typical with species like pressure treated spruce. With our hardwood choice of Ipe you can expect to have one of the densest and strongest woods available on the market.

Having a desire for a low-maintenance material is when our Brazilian hardwood decking becomes most enticing. Using any of our species of hardwoods won’t promise you a deck that, without any help, will be pristine for many decades. We are realistic and we know that our decking needs some maintenance, no matter how minimal it is.

The maintenance you can expect with our hardwoods is to have to rinse off the deck with warm water. If you leave the deck without cleaning for months, you may need to use a cleaner and brightener solution. Don’t worry, this is a powder that dissolves in warm water and gets applied with a mop; if you can mop a floor you can use these solutions. Finally, to keep the color of any of our woods, you will need to re-apply Ipe Oil couple years depending on how much sun your deck sees. This oil acts as a sunscreen, and brings out the rich tones of the wood’s grain. Unlike most other products on the market, this oil doesn’t need a million things before it’s applied. If your deck is clean, just apply it again!

2. What is the best type of material to use?

Green Side Up Contracting recommends low maintenance decking options that will last a very long time. Although your initial investment will be higher, the maintenance costs, the esthetics and longevity of your investment out way going with the lower quality material option.


Ipe Decking

Composite Decking

PVC Decking

Cedar Decking

Pressure Treated Decking

3. Do I require a permit to build a deck?

Typically, a permit is required for any deck, veranda or porch that is greater than 24 inches above grade.

Although we do not get directly involved with the permit process, we can engage our designer who can provide you with the technical drawings required by your municipality.

It’s up to you to ensure adherence to local by-laws in your area.


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What Our Clients Say


We recently moved into our first house and loved everything about it-- except the backyard. It had been neglected for years and was just a mess. We called Jay and he quickly came out to take a look, walked us through our options and provided a thorough quote. Jay is personable, professional and an absolute pleasure to work with.

Despite the poor start to the season (ice storm!) his team managed to complete a full backyard reno--large deck, fence, and sod/landscaping-- within the very specific time frame we were working with.

A big shout-out to Zach who did an amazing job creating our dream backyard! Neighbours have already been complimenting us on the craftsmanship of our new fence and deck. The quality of everything he did far surpassed our expectations. He also took the time to walk us through many aspects of the project, gave great advice and gave us an opportunity to change things/make decisions along the way. His attention to detail really stood out.

THANK YOU for our new backyard! I highly recommend Green Side Up for any fence, deck, or yard work you need!!


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